‘Star Wars’: John Boyega Rumored To Return For Jedi Order Film

During the recent Star Wars Day Celebration, it was announced that Daisy Ridley would be returning to her role as Rey in a new film focused around rebuilding the Jedi Order. According to a new rumor, Ridley may be joined by her Star Wars co-star John Boyega.

This rumor likely comes to a shock to many fans who have followed John Boyega’s career after his time as Finn wrapped up. Boyega has famously criticized his time with Lucasfilm, stating on multiple occasions that he has no desire to return to a galaxy far, far away. Despite this, Hollywood insider John Rocha claimed that Boyega and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy have “buried the hatchet” during a recent episode of The Hot Mic podcast and that Boyega is currently in talks to return as Finn.

While John Rocha is confident in his sources, it doesn’t seem as though a deal has been made just yet. It seems as though internal problems have been resolved and the money is on the table — its just a matter of actually signing John Boyega on to appear. It’s unclear what role he would play in the film, be it a supporting one or a starring one, nor if any Star Wars veterans are also coming back.

The future of Star Wars looks brighter than ever

The announcement of these three new Star Wars movies marks an exciting time for fans of the franchise. With each movie being directed by a different filmmaker, there is sure to be a unique perspective and style brought to each project.

The focus on new characters and storylines within the Star Wars universe is also promising. While the original trilogy will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans, it’s important to keep the franchise evolving and exploring new avenues. The new Jedi order, as promised in the third movie, could provide an interesting look at the future of the Star Wars universe and the continued use and understanding of The Force.

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