‘Star Wars: Skeleton Crew’: Jude Law & Director Christopher Ford Tease A ‘Lawless Time’

Skeleton Crew is an upcoming Disney Plus Star Wars series set during the time of the New Republic. The show’s star Jude Law and director Christopher Ford tease a lawless time, though not one without joy.

Jude Law and Christopher Ford recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss their upcoming project Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. Despite being set to release sometime this year, details about the Disney Plus project have been kept close to the chest, aside from the fact it will follow a group of children during the New Republic era. Ford teased that this was the perfect era for the show given the “lawless” nature of the galaxy:

“For us, it was a great era because as much as the New Republic are trying to bring things back [to peace], it’s kind of a lawless wild time, so there’s a lot of danger,” Ford explains. “If we had set it earlier the kids might’ve just met the Empire and got shut down. This is more of the galaxy to get lost in.”

Jude Law, who is set to play a Jedi in the series, continued to talk about the lawless nature of the New Republic era in Skeleton Crew, teasing that the newest Disney Plus Star Wars project will be seen through the eyes of a child:

“He is someone the children meet on their journey, on their way to get home. He, like the world they experience, is contradictory – at times a place of nurture and other times a place of threat,” Law explains “What I love is because it’s through their eyes, you know there’s a kind of goofy relationship between the kids and the adults, and other times it’s really quite dark and quite scary, which I guess is what the world looks like to an awful lot of eleven-year-olds.”

Jude Law’s tease about a goofy tone in parts of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew may bring fans back to feelings of the original trilogy, which was nowhere near afraid to show the fun parts of the galaxy far, far away along with the darkness held by the Empire. While there’s still no word on when the series will drop on Disney Plus, it’s clear that it’ll be worth the wait for fans. The full talk can be seen below:

What to expect from Skeleton Crew

According to an official synopsis from Disney, “Skeleton Crew follows the journey of four kids who make a mysterious discovery on their seemingly safe home planet, then get lost in a strange and dangerous galaxy. Finding their way home—and meeting unlikely allies and enemies—will be a greater adventure than they ever imagined.” The talented team of directors behind the series includes Jon Watts, David Lowery, Jake Scherier, Bryce Dallas Howard, Lee Isaac Chung and The Daniels

One of the most exciting aspects of Skeleton Crew is its setting. The series takes place in the New Republic era, a time period in the Star Wars universe that has not been explored in depth before. This provides an opportunity for Jon Watts and the rest of the people behind Skeleton Crew to introduce new characters, storylines and concepts, while still staying true to the iconic Star Wars universe.

The star-studded Skeleton Crew is led by Jude Law and executive produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the two people behind The Mandalorian. With such a talented team behind the project, Skeleton Crew is expected to be a thrilling addition to the Star Wars universe.

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