Steps on cards to harness potential of seaweed: fisheries minister

The government will take all possible steps to harness the potential of seaweed and other marine resources for the development of the blue economy, said Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim.

He spoke while addressing a workshop on the production and popularisation of seaweed products organised by the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) at a hotel in Cox’s Bazar on Saturday.

“Although seaweed is conventional, it has many qualities. There is a huge potential for multifaceted use of seaweed in medicine, cosmetics and herbal products and making nutritious food,” he said.

Karim said now a separate restaurant has been set up for seafood. “There is a huge demand for marine fish. In addition to conventional marine fisheries, training needs to be provided for those concerned to harness the potential of seaweed.”

The versatile use of seaweed as well as its taste and service as a food product should be given special importance, he said adding, “We need to make it a habit to eat seafood.”

Extraction of marine resources will be another huge chapter in the development of the country, Karim said.

“We have to utilise deep-sea fish, seaweed, mineral resources. For this, we have to create skilled human resources. Every step will be taken to expand the products of seaweed.”

Muhidul Islam, project director of BFRI, presented a keynote paper at the workshop.

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