Summons against Jafrullah Chowdhury in defamation case

A defamation suit has been filed against Jafrullah Chowdhury, chairman of the public health center. The case was filed in the Shariatpur District and Sessions Judge’s Court on Wednesday by Saif Rudad, president of Bangladesh Students Union’s Shariatpur district parliament. The judge took cognizance of the case and summoned the accused to appear.

According to the case file, Jafrullah Chowdhury addressed a function of the National Democratic Party (NDF) at the National Press Club on February 2. In his speech, he said that war criminal Quader Mollah used to do student union.

Jafrullah Chowdhury’s statement angered the leaders and workers of the student union. In this context, Saif Rudad filed a defamation suit against Jafrullah Chowdhury under Section 500 of the Penal Code, alleging distortion of the history of the student union and the liberation war.

Saif Rudad said Quader Mollah was an established and proven war criminal and he was a criminal against humanity. He was sentenced to death and sentenced to death by the International Criminal Court. A person like him was involved with the student union. Jafrullah Chowdhury has distorted history. A defamation suit has been filed against him in the District and Sessions Judge’s Court.

Plaintiff’s lawyer Azizur Rahman said the court had taken cognizance of the defamation suit filed against Jafrullah Chowdhury. Later, District and Sessions Judge Prashant Kumar Biswas issued summons against him.

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