Tools Born From Fracking Fuel Geothermal Rush

In a sagebrush valley full of wind turbines and solar panels in western Utah, Tim Latimer gazed up at a very different device he believes could be just as powerful for fighting climate change — maybe even more. It was a drilling rig, of all things, transplanted from the oil fields of North Dakota. But


How Discord, Born From an Obscure Sport, Turned a Social Hub

In 2015, Jason Citron, a pc programmer, was struggling to interrupt by means of within the online game business. The brand new multiplayer recreation he had created together with his growth studio, Hammer & Chisel, was not catching on. So Mr. Citron engineered an abrupt about-face. He laid off his firm’s recreation builders, turned the


Evaluation: In ‘Nollywood Goals,’ a Star and an Trade Are Born

Producing more than 1,000 movies a year each, Bollywood, India’s Hindi movie trade, and Nollywood, the Nigerian model, have lengthy outpaced the California dream-makers who assume they rule the world in Hollywood. It’s towards this shift within the shaping of world tradition that “Nollywood Dreams,” a giddy if wobbly comedy by Jocelyn Bioh, performs out.