Alcohol-Related Deaths Surge to Nearly 500 a Day, CDC Says

The study found that deaths linked to alcohol in the United States increased in five years by 40,000. The toll is stark: About 178,000 people died in 2021 from excessive drinking, compared with 138,000 in 2016. During that period, the deaths rose by 27 percent among men and 35 percent among women. Dr. Siegel attributed


Hate Valentine’s Day? There’s a Market for You, Too.

Lilly Calman is not in the mood this Valentine’s Day for the flowers, chocolates or a romantic dinner for two, especially after a recent breakup. “I’m very angry,” said Ms. Calman, 26, adding that it had been painful to see all the holiday paraphernalia in store aisles. She found a more fitting outlet for her


On this day 30 years ago, Windows 3.11 released

Key Takeaways Windows 3.11 was a small update with few new features, primarily fixing bugs and adding network sharing capabilities. Windows for Workgroups 3.11 introduced significant networking changes, such as drive sharing, group calendaring, and TCP/IP support. Windows 3.11 played a crucial role in shaping the internet by highlighting the importance of connectivity between computers,