A Lucrative Tax Credit for Making Clean Fuel Won’t Be So Easy to Get

The Biden administration on Friday issued its long-awaited plan to provide lucrative tax breaks to companies that make hydrogen, a clean-burning fuel, proposing new rules meant to ensure that the policy doesn’t inadvertently lead to a spike in planet-warming emissions. Hydrogen is widely seen as a promising tool to tackle climate change, as long as


NBA Scores: Kevin Durant’s Suns debut was an easy W

Am I used to seeing Kevin Durant in a Phoenix Suns’ uniform? No. Will I be any time soon? Probably not. Is it exciting to watch? You bet it is, and I won’t tire of the NBA’s ever-evolving landscape any time soon. The nine games that unfolded on Wednesday were glorious. Let’s start with the


Why Becoming a member of the E.U. Might Not Be Simple for Ukraine

It was an impassioned plea: President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine this week requested for his nation to affix the European Union, the world’s largest buying and selling bloc, which additionally has helped protect peace in Europe for many years. “We now have confirmed that at a minimal we’re precisely the identical as you,” he instructed


Easy methods to Map a Fly Mind in 20 Million Straightforward Steps

The mind of a fruit fly is the dimensions of a poppy seed and about as straightforward to miss. “Most individuals, I believe, don’t even consider the fly as having a mind,” stated Vivek Jayaraman, a neuroscientist on the Janelia Analysis Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia. “However, after all, flies lead


5 Design Books That Are Simple on the Eyes

This text is a part of our newest Design special report, about properties for a number of generations and new definitions of household. Design particulars that serve no utilitarian goal however assist elevate spirits can change into obsessions for craftspeople and authors. These 5 volumes clarify why anybody would embed polished conches in stucco partitions,