Dr. Susan Love, Surgeon and Breast Health Advocate, Dies at 75

Dr. Love is survived by her wife, Dr. Helen Sperry Cooksey, a surgeon, whom she married in San Francisco in 2004 during the brief period when same-sex marriages were being performed there, before a California ballot proposition made them illegal in 2008. Also surviving is their daughter, Katie Patton-LoveCooksey, whose adoption by her two mothers


Baseball fans love the new MLB rules

It’s an incredibly rare situation whenever MLB fans agree with something coming from league headquarters, it’s almost a feature of the game. And when its concerning new rules changing the way the game is played, fan support is almost unheard of. But that’s exactly what’s happened. MLB introduced more major rule changes this season than


Love Songs and Tear Gasoline in a Tense Sudan Ramadan

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Friday night time by the Nile, and a love tune wafted on the nice and cozy breeze that blew throughout Tuti Island, a crescent of land on the confluence of the river’s two nice branches. A whole bunch of individuals had gathered on the seaside for iftar, the sundown meal that breaks