Caitlin Clark’s crossover superstardom is the greatest show in sports

When Michael Jordan arrived in Paris in 1997 for a preseason corporate showcase known as the McDonald’s Championship, the French press treated his appearance with Christ-like reverence. “Michael Jordan is in Paris,” wrote the local tabloid France-Soir, as memorialized in David Halberstam’s bestseller Playing For Keeps. “That’s better than the Pope. It’s God in person.”


Vermont Floods Show U.S. Lags in Adapting to Climate Change

This week’s flooding in Vermont, in which heavy rainfall caused destruction even miles from any river, is evidence of an especially dangerous climate threat: Catastrophic flooding can increasingly happen anywhere, with almost no warning. And the United States, experts warn, is nowhere close to ready for that threat. The idea that anywhere it can rain,


Tucker Carlson Posts First Installment of New Show on Twitter

Tucker Carlson, the sidelined prime-time Fox News host, on Tuesday released the first installment of what he said would be his new show on Twitter, potentially setting up a confrontation with the cable network, where he remains under contract until early 2025. The 10-minute video, Mr. Carlson’s first extended commentary since Fox took him off