Unmasked! Has Superman: Legacy’s New Nemesis Been Revealed?

On Friday, a new rumor surfaced online that has Superman fans buzzing with speculation that longtime supervillain Brainiac may finally make his cinematic debut in the upcoming Superman: Legacy. “Anyway, the big bad is Brainiac behind everything,” said ViewerAnon on Twitter. “As said in the first post, I trust the source but it’s all a


A Parasitic Wasp Unmasked: One Species Is Really 16 Species

The tiny, iridescent Ormyrus labotus all the time appeared suspicious for a parasitoid wasp. It wasn’t the wasp’s putting magnificence — wasps may be conventionally engaging, too — however its life technique. Parasitoid wasps lay their eggs on or inside different bugs and arthropods, and the larvae eat their means out after they hatch. Every