TAke a look y’all: Stephen A. Smith has jokes about the Twitter crash

Twitter is an unusable mess. Photos aren’t loading. Clicking a link results in an error. It’s almost as if the person who owns the company has no idea what they’re doing.

At least Stephen A. Smith is able to laugh about it.

Sorry you can’t click on this. Twitter is so broken right now that I had to take a screenshot.

The “TAke a look, y’all:” is a relic of a Twitter joke dating back to 2015, when Stephen A. Smith didn’t know how to post an image on the app — so he just wrote the file name of whatever he wanted us to take a look at. I still don’t know what he wanted us to look at, but it will forever be remembered as an iconic moment in sports Twitter, like Paul Pierce taking screenshots of his Google image searches, or that time a basketball fan drove to Temecula for a fight.

The entire site has devolved into everyone making fun of how bad Twitter has become. At least we got a helpful message.

This is also a screenshot, because Twitter is a clown show.

Nobody knows when the site will be up and running again, but at least Stephen A. Smith knows how to tweet when images fail you.