That teacher is my mother-in-law today

I am always afraid to stand in front of people and talk. It feels like a nightmare. Not to mention, I will express the words of my mind by writing থেকে with this thought I joined the screenwriting class at the university. I really enjoyed the class. But once I found out, in order to pass this course, I have to read the script written by myself while standing in front of everyone in the class.

As soon as I heard it, my hands and feet became cold with fear. I came up with an idea to evade the test. I wrote a note from a doctor to prove that I was not physically and mentally able to speak in public. I wanted in my heart that I should not have to take the test of speaking in front of everyone. But the teacher of my screenplay course did not take that note in time. I saw that he trusted me more than me. He said, ‘Try, you can.’

Seeing his confidence, I understood myself. Facing the fear, I stood in front of everyone and read the script. In that course I got ‘A’. And Kelly Hard, the teacher of that day, is also present at today’s convocation. Let me tell you, my favorite teacher today is my mother-in-law. Who knew, his faith and trust in me that day would bring me so far! Because of him, I am still able to speak on my own feet without losing consciousness.

Yet all sorts of fears, adversities, doubts still gripped me. But I remember one of my teacher’s words, ‘Trust yourself, believe in yourself.’ That’s what I do.

Be like you

When I was told, I had to be the speaker at the convocation; And like all new speakers, I started to Google the ‘best convocation speech of all time’. After a few weeks of proper research, I became very worried. How can I, like Admiral McRaven, say so nicely, ‘If you want to change the world, first make your bed and start changing.’ Or how can I, like Steve Jobs, insist on making dreams come true so beautifully? How!

When I was lost in thought, I finished my speech. After watching, hearing and reading a lot, I did not follow anyone else’s speech. Never followed the path shown by anyone else. You do not need to follow anyone else’s path. Make yourself like yourself. Be like you In the days ahead, step by step you will have to listen to the advice — the words of the elders, the words of the colleagues, the words of the seniors, the words of the family. Many will say, ‘Be like this’, ‘Be like him’, or ‘Be like me’. But I mean, be yourself.

I have not come to give you any mantra of success today. I will just talk about the four lessons of my life, which I have learned step by step to reach this stage.

Believe in yourself

First of all, go ahead and do it on your own, with confidence in yourself. Critics will try to stop you with various words. I’ve heard a lot of things along the way, yet. But I get the urge to go further. When I first brought Tinder to this campus, I was told that these apps would never run. Then when I brought my own app Bumble, it was said, ‘What will happen with another dating app with Tinder?’ ‘This app will never succeed.’ “It’s foolish to give girls the responsibility of settling accounts or making decisions.” I took the words as inspiration, I believed in myself.

Don’t be afraid

Everything in the world will feel scared, unless you deal with it. Just like giving a speech in front of people seemed scary to me. It is easy to merge with the sail, easy to move forward with the current, but it is courage to make one’s own way. To show this courage, you have to face your fears every day, face them.

Be sympathetic

Every day, in one way or another, we make an impact in someone’s life. Try to have that effect for the better. May your influence be positive. Empathy creates opportunities. Never lose sight of the opportunity to do good to others. The world will teach you to be tough, to be tough – don’t listen to those things. Even if the situation is difficult, stay with the truth সহজ this is the easiest way to be empathetic. Every good deed will come back to you.

Get started now

The first condition to fulfill the dream is to get down to work with that dream. There is no magic wand, no mantra for dream fulfillment. But all dreams can come true, just get started. In 2010 I started my first business selling shoulder bags. Although it was not as successful as Bumble. But with that business I started to learn, I started to understand. And because of that start, the download of Bumble App has exceeded 100 million today. Often at night I read a book to my son. In that book, I found a very nice piece of advice —’Wherever you go, whatever you do, be brave, dream big. The world is waiting for you. ‘ (Abbreviated)

Source: Southern Methodist University’s YouTube channel

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