The Argentine footballer also agreed to risk his life to save his wife and children trapped in Ukraine

There were four Argentine footballers in Ukraine’s first division football. Three of them somehow managed to get out of Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Another was out of Ukraine before the war began, but Geronimo Poblett’s worries are now greater. He is out of Ukraine but his wife and children are trapped in Ukraine!

What else can you do desperately! He is knocking on the door one by one in search of a way to get his wife and child out of the horror. He has also decided that he will enter Ukraine at the risk of falling into the arms of the Russian army if necessary.

A few weeks ago, Poblett joined the Ukrainian club Metalist Kharkiv. No match has been played for the club yet. When the war broke out in Russia’s attack on the night of February 24, Poblett was busy with pre-season preparations in Turkey with the club. His wife and two children, aged four and five, were then in Kharkiv.

After Kiev, Kharkiv in Ukraine was attacked by Russian forces. In one of the refugee hotels, Pablet’s family is spending the day in fear and prayer.

“I am in Turkey with the team, we were supposed to return to Kharkiv on the 24th. That morning Ukraine was attacked, our flight was canceled. I stayed in Turkey, my family in Kharkiv. Talking to them every minute, the mind does not agree to keep the phone. If you don’t pick up the phone for a while, you get restless. ”

Being away from his own fears and those who face the situation? The family’s situation also came up, according to El Poblett, “They are now in the basement of the hotel where we were staying. We were supposed to move into our new home in a few days. ‘

Eight days have passed, but Pablett has not yet made arrangements for his family to get out of the hotel basement. It is difficult to make such arrangements in Turkey! What can be found in Ukraine now, nothing is right!

The state of unrest is clear in Pablett’s words, “I am becoming restless. I am just praying to God to find a way out of the city, to take my family west of Ukraine to Poland or Romania. Get them out of that country as soon as possible! ‘

But the task is not easy at all! The Metalist Kharkiv Club is less than 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border with Russia. Poblett’s family would have to travel all over Ukraine to reach Romania-Poland. But the communication system is not right there, the fear of falling in front of the bullets of the Russian army on the way is there at every moment.

“If we want to go west, we have to cross the whole country,” said the helpless Poblett. That means about 20 hours drive by car, it will also depend on the condition of the roads. Is the road broken or not, is there any military on the road …. Everything scares the mind. I haven’t found a way yet. ”

The 29-year-old Argentine said he had contacted the Argentine embassy in Ukraine but had not received much help. Whether we will be able to get on the train properly, whether we will be able to reach our destination properly, cannot be guaranteed. So far they have not been able to do anything to help us. ”

Two days ago, Brazilian players from another Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk were taken out of Ukraine by a train. Poblett is looking for something like that.

However, looking at how his family has been doing so far, he said, “They have been in the basement since Thursday, the 24th, and have not moved a bit.” They do not go upstairs or anywhere. Occasionally the shells drop, the sound of shells and mortars is not heard. But in the last few days the situation has become very difficult. We are looking for a solution now. ”

Having a Spanish translator with his family has been a bit of an advantage for Pablat. Of course, it would not be so bad to hear a description of how the family lives, unless you keep in mind the fear of losing your life at any time in the war, ‘they are getting regular food. The hotel is also being used very well with them. There are all kinds of benefits. If you think from there, they are fine. There is also internet. At the moment we are in touch 24 hours a day. I don’t get any news from them, not even 10 minutes go by. ‘

But the fear of turning everything upside down at any moment does not allow Pavlet to remain calm. His teammates in Turkey are in the same situation, “We are at the hotel. Not being practiced. Because, everyone is restless with the thought of war. Eighty percent of the players’ families are in Ukraine. Some may have moved their families to another city. Your family is there, that’s all there is to it. ‘

Because of that anxiety, Pablat is no longer able to stay in Turkey. The Argentine defensive midfielder has left for the Romanian border. If you can not find a way to go there? Poblett is mentally prepared for the ultimate risk পরিকল্পনা he plans to leave for Kharkiv in a car.

‘I know it will be almost impossible to get in there. But if I had to do it for my children, I would do it ’in the words of Poblett, footballer, Argentine — a desperate father and a husband’s courage.

The courage to face the Russian army and the fear of losing their lives is not found.