The Asian Cup showed where Bangladesh is

At the press conference of the Malaysian coach and a footballer, the local journalists greeted them with applause and cheers. This is the first time since playing as host in 2006 that Malaysia has qualified for the finals of the Asian Cup. There was so much joy in everyone late Monday night.

That joy multiplied several times as Malaysia qualified for the Asian Cup finals directly for the first time since 1980. Mahendrakshan came to blow Bangladesh 4-1. Happy night in Kuala Lumpur on such a night. However, it is only inside the Bukit Jalil Stadium. There is no exaggeration anywhere outside the stadium. At the end of the match, everyone is silently at their destination.

When the stadium is empty, Malaysia coach Kim Pan Goner is a little late to come to the press conference after their festivities. One of the top scorers in the match was Belgian defender Dion Cools. Both were happy and satisfied to take the team to the final of the Asian Cup.

The coach thanked the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabir, who was on the field for the last two matches of the Asian Cup qualifiers. The coach thanked the whole country, who were by his side again and again. Especially the audience has repeatedly spoken. কথা The Ultras Malaya, a pro-Mardanga group in Malaysia, is also mentioned separately, although no praise is enough for them.

Shortly before the Malaysian coach spoke, the Bangladesh coach came to the press conference with a black face. The last match of the tour was a disappointment for him. “It was a tough match for us,” he said at first. They were great on the field. We knew they would jump in from the start. Our job was to prevent them. However, after the penalty, at the end of the first half, we ended up in a place where we could have won. But we never got to play our game. We lacked consistency. ‘

The exuberance of 52,000 visitors in the gallery became a pressure for Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh coach Cabrera’s comment is different, ‘This is the atmosphere on the field in Malaysia. We knew it could happen. As a result, it is not an issue for me.

The coach added, ‘We could not be consistent in the last match. But I think we could do better. Now I will watch the video and work on the mistakes. I will judge and analyze everything. We have to step on it. ‘

If you want to know what you received at the end of the tour, he said, “We have improved. It needs to hold on and make further improvements up front. Bangladesh is on the path of development.

Tariq Kazi, Sumon Reza, Saad Uddin, Nabib Newaz and 6 other front row footballers were not in the team. If they had, nothing would have happened. Because, Bangladesh footballers are 19-20. Fifty-two is fifty-two. So who is in the team and who is not, these do not become big. However, the Bangladesh coach’s answer to the question of what could have been a little better, ‘I do not know what would have happened if the whole team. But I think those who came gave their best. They have tried their best.

Bangladesh will leave for Dhaka tonight at 8 pm Bangladesh time. What is the receipt before returning, what is the realization? The realization is that there is no alternative to making good quality footballers in the country. The footballers have tried their best. They may make mistakes. Mistakes can also be criticized. But the real problem is at the beginning. As there is no football culture in the country, there is no effective roadmap for improvement.