The Golden State Warriors 2022 are just chasing history now

The internet usually is undefeated after incredible championship games like the one we saw on Thursday when the Golden State Warriors beat Boston, and tonight’s biggest victim was Kevin Durant.

Fans and various media publications did not hold back on Durant, and most of their jokes were hilarious.

A lot of people felt that after Durant left the Warriors, a championship may not happen for them, but Steph Curry and company proved all the doubters wrong.

In today’s day and age, athletes like Durant are perfect targets for jokes after a team they used to play for wins a title, so he better mute his name on Twitter and ride this out. He does not need to get on the internet because he will just get his feelings hurt.

Maybe he has a good sense of humor, but NBA Twitter went for the jugular in all the right ways, and here are some of our favorite ones we saw Thursday night.

When do the rings get melted down had us laughing so hard. How are these people this creative?

Mike makes sure the world remembers that the Warriors can win without Durant. It didn’t matter if he was on the team; this group found a way to get it done, and now he looks silly.

I hope that man is okay after tonight’s game because that hot take now is ice cold.

These memes may be a favorite among these jokes because they fit the narrative so well. One has to think that Durant is acting like this, but the two best we saw have to be the ones that truly have no filter.

We are all wondering, so fans can troll him on that burner account and tag his official account right alongside it.

PFF said yup, we’re going for it, and it’s hilarious. Do I genuinely think Durant will be back with the Warriors after this year? Probably not, but it wouldn’t be surprising for him to go back on everything and come back to this team.

If that happened, it would be like that couple who breaks up, one of them finds a new partner, and when their ex glows up, they come crawling back — that is why it’s hilarious.