The government called on Pakistanis to reduce their consumption of tea

In the interest of keeping the economy afloat, the Pakistani government has asked the people to reduce their consumption of tea. The country’s planning minister Ahsan Iqbal made the call.

The minister gave such a message to the citizens to keep the country’s economy afloat by saving huge amount of foreign currency mainly spent on tea imports. News from the BBC.

Ahsan Iqbal thinks that if the people of his country drink less a few cups of tea a day, it will reduce the high import cost of Pakistan. Pakistan is the world’s largest tea importer. Last year, the country imported more than 600 million worth of tea.

Ahsan Iqbal said, “I appeal to the people to reduce the amount of tea they drink by one or two cups.” This will reduce the cost of imports. Because we import tea on credit.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are declining rapidly. In such a context, the government asked the people of the country to reduce the amount of tea they drink.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves stood at about  1.6 billion in February. In the first week of June, it dropped to 1 trillion. Pakistan’s current foreign exchange reserves do not even cover two months’ worth of imports.