The India-Pakistan match has also encouraged women’s cricket

Explaining the importance of the India-Pakistan match to the players of the two countries, Maruf said, “The Pakistan-India match is a big platform to prove one’s worth.” Maruf took a deep breath as he said this. Maybe because he doesn’t want to put pressure on his teammates, Maruf added, ‘But at the end of the day, it’s a cricket match. And you have to win the match by applying the basics properly. ‘

“Every match between India and Pakistan is a great source of inspiration for the emerging cricketers of the two countries,” said Maruf. This is the greatest duality of cricket and this duality attracts countless eyes. Maruf, who has played more than 200 international matches for Pakistan, then said, “I hope the match will be watched by the girls of the two countries and will inspire them to play cricket.”

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