The Mbappe I wanted is not in this Mbappe: Real President

‘The Mbappe I wanted to buy is not this Mbappe. This is someone else who has had to change his dream ‘- said Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

In other words, Mbappe Perez, who has signed a new three-year contract with PSG, is unknown.

Perez was interviewed by sports journalist Joseph Pedrerol on the popular Spanish TV show Mega, El Chiriguito de Jugones. The president of Real talked about Mbappe there.

The French star striker has called Real a “dream club” while in Monaco, and has publicly stated his desire to join the Madrid club after joining PSG. Comics out, there is a lot of love for Real. He said in an interview that he has played in the French league for a long time, so he needs to take on new challenges. No one bothered to understand that the new challenge is to play for Real.

Mbopp was due to end his contract with PSG this June. PSG has tried to renew his contract with him since the beginning of the season. Mbappe has raised Real’s hopes without telling the French club about it. Real were also ready to repay him. But last May, Mbappe turned 180 degrees.

The highest paid contract in football history, the ability to decide on their own sports projects এম Mbappe agreed to renew his contract with the PSG, and renewed his contract with the French club, leaving Real behind the door.

The media then reported that Mbappe would receive 300 million euros as a contract signing bonus alone. With this, the annual salary will be 150 million Euros, excluding taxes. Adding three years’ wages adds up to a total of 75 crore euros (about 7,930 crore taka in Bangladeshi currency). This figure is like raising the eyebrows.

But Real president Perez is a man of other ideas. Perez has not spoken out since Mbappe’s contract was renewed. Just said, ‘Mbappe is now a thing of the past for Real.’ After so many days, the president of Real said the words of his mind about Mbappe.

Not only did PSG offer a lucrative deal, but French President Emmanuel Macho also asked Mbappe to stay at the French club. Explaining why Real could not sign Mbappe, Perez explained the situation at the time, ‘He (Mbappe) has changed. They offered him a lot of things, there was also pressure. In that he became another human being. There is no one above Real in the club. He is a great footballer and can win many titles. But the game is team, we can’t change our values ​​anymore. I like him. He tried to come, but the pressure changed him, the situation was not in his favor. I think his mother hoped he would play for Real. Because, playing in this club is his childhood dream. Some people are saying that the mother was not protected.

Perez did not like French President Mbabane’s request to stay in the PSG. There are many more clubs out there. The president wants his improvement, he can do it in any club. Zidane came to Madrid, Benzema is a legend … I don’t know why that happened. ‘

The host of the show, Joseph Pedrerol, asked Perez if Mbappe would come to Real Madrid – why was the pre-agreement not maintained? That is, according to Mbappe’s verbal promise, why was no pre-agreement made with him, so that he would not change his words later. Perez explained, ‘It would not have been possible. That would be a problem for him and in the end the wait was logical. The Mbappe who wanted to come here (Real) is not in this Mbappe. I wanted Mbappe to dream. This Mbappe is not my Mbappe. ‘

Mbappe called Perez and expressed his desire not to come to Real. The Real president also spoke on the subject, “He sent me a text message, I replied. I realized earlier that the Mbappe I wanted was not in this Mbappe. No player in the history of Real is superior to the rest. It’s a team game, and we won’t do anything that will endanger the team. “