Ear Lapid

The Prime Minister of Israel is Yair Lapid

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is stepping down after failing to control growing pressure on Israel’s shaky coalition government. He will be replaced by coalition partner Foreign Minister Yar Lapid.

Israeli lawmakers will vote next week to dissolve parliament. As a result, the country will go to the polls for the fifth time in three years. News Reuters.

A year ago, Bennett and Lapid formed an alliance to end Benjamin Netanyahu’s record 12 years as prime minister. One-time journalist Yar Lapid is the leader of the largest party in the alliance. He will be the caretaker Prime Minister until the next election.

In a televised statement on Lapid’s side, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, “We are standing before you today in a moment that is not easy; But there is an understanding that we have made the right decision for Israel.

The move comes just weeks before US President Joe Biden’s planned visit to Israel. During the visit, Washington looks forward to strengthening regional security ties against Israel, a longtime enemy of Israel.