The prime minister’s resignation proposal is not acceptable

French President Emmanuel Macho has rejected a proposal by the caretaker Prime Minister to resign. He says the government must continue to work. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bernie has been widely criticized for losing a majority in parliament last Sunday. His future is under threat. In this situation, it is important for the president to get support from other parties.

Makhor is scheduled to hold talks with the opposition parties on Tuesday. However, neither the right-wing Marine La Pen nor the left-wing Jean-Luc Mills is interested in working with the Macho government.
According to the Elysee Palace, Prime Minister Bernie formally offered his resignation in a letter to President Makho on Tuesday morning. The president did not accept that. The President will walk the path of constructive solution.

Following the parliamentary elections, the French Prime Minister announced his resignation. In most cases, the president reappoints the same person so that he can begin the work of forming a new government. But this time the context is different. News AFP.