The share of science and humanities is going up in the medium

There will be no separate department in secondary education from 2024. Now, in the ninth grade, the way students have to choose science, humanities and business education, there will be no such division for the students. All students up to 10th class have to study 10 identical subjects. And from next year, the weekly holiday in all educational institutions will be two days.

The education administration has taken these decisions in the light of the new curriculum. The decision was taken by Education Minister Dipu Moni at a function at the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) office in Motijheel on Saturday afternoon. Sixth grade books prepared in the light of new curriculum were handed over to some students on the occasion. New curriculum in class VI is being introduced from February 22 (Tuesday) in 72 educational institutions of the country selected experimentally. Apart from this, new curriculum will be started in the first class in 100 selected primary level institutions next March.

According to NCTB sources, the new curriculum will be launched in 2023 in first, second, sixth and seventh classes, in 2024 in third, fourth, eighth and ninth classes and in 2025 in fifth and tenth classes. The deadline for introducing new curriculum in class XI of higher secondary in 2026 and in class XII in 2028 has been fixed.

In the new curriculum, there will be a big change in the evaluation system of the students. There will be more continuous assessment (learning) in the educational institution than the existing examinations from pre-primary to higher secondary level. There will be no exams up to the third grade, the assessment will be based on a variety of learning activities throughout the year. There are both tests and continuous learning activities as a method of evaluating the next classes. And in this curriculum there is no public examination till 10th class.

In the new curriculum, the division of departments will go to higher secondary. All students from sixth to tenth class will be taught 10 identical subjects. In this regard, the Education Minister said, the new curriculum will be implemented step by step. Since the ninth grade books will go in 2024, science, humanities and business education will be up from that year.

NCTB officials said the new curriculum emphasizes students’ experience. At the same time, they will be taught how to apply the experience gained. However, although there is supposed to be an integrated curriculum from pre-primary to higher secondary, the preparation for primary has not been completed yet. For this reason, new curriculum for primary is not being introduced with secondary this month.

Replying to a question in this regard, the Education Minister said that the new primary curriculum can be done from the beginning of March. And teaching in the classroom for primary is not starting now (will start on March 1). It is hoped that corona infections will be reduced, so that elementary students will be able to return to the classroom, and new curricula will be started experimentally for primary students.

Educationist Professor Syed Manjurul Islam also spoke on Saturday, NCTB chairman. Farhadul Islam, Member (Curriculum) Md. Mashiuzzaman etc.

Syed Manjurul Islam emphasized on three issues in the implementation of the new curriculum. He said students must first be interested. Second, teachers need concentration. Thirdly, the participation of the society is required.

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