The superintendent killer tried to escape to Bangladesh by kidnapping the teenager, the police caught

Accused of murder, kidnapped a teenager from police custody and hid him near the Bangladesh border. Police arrested the ‘super killer’ after receiving information before fleeing to the neighboring country. The abducted teenager was also rescued from Nadia border.

According to police sources, old Gautam Das was killed on June 12 in Daspara of Rajyadharpur in Srirampur. In that incident, brother Ujjwal Das and brother-in-law Vijay Mandal were accused of killing Dada with ‘Super Killer’ in greed for property. On the basis of that allegation, the police arrested three people including ‘Super Killer’ Krishna Sarkar. Krishna escaped from Srirampur Walls Hospital on May 16 while in police custody. After searching for him, the police came to know that Krishna had abducted a 16-year-old boy named Akash Dey from his house in Ghoshalpara, ward number one of Vaidyabati municipality. Akash’s grandfather had lodged a complaint of abduction at the police station.

Investigators said that after this, they started searching for Krishna. Krishna called home on Wednesday. It is known from that source that he is in the Dhantala area of ​​Nadia. After that a team of Srirampur police station left for Dhantala without any delay. Krishna was arrested from a house in Narayanpara village around 1 pm. Akash was rescued. Krishna, who was arrested on Friday, was taken to Srirampur court.