The Ukrainian girl who lost to the Russian player will give all the money to the country’s army

The outfit she was wearing was colored with a touch of the Ukrainian flag — her underwear was yellow and her skirt was blue. His opponent in the last 32 matches of the Monterey Open was again Anastasia Potapova of Russia. Another Russia-Ukraine war is set to take place on the Mexican tennis court tomorrow!

Ukraine finally defeated Russia in this ‘war’! It would be a mistake to say that only losing, Elena Savitolina of Ukraine won by beating the Russian player! They went on to win 6-2, 6-1 in the last 16.

But this victory is no ordinary victory! There were some stories before the match about a Russian player losing to a Russian player in this way. Savitolina’s announcement at the end of the match also brought the match to the headlines. Savitolina said that all proceeds from the tournament would go to the Ukrainian army.

Let’s tell the story before the match. Savitolina announced that she would not play against Potapova as a Russian player. Tennis authorities also banned players from Russia and Belarus. But Potapova did not play in Russia. There was no flag next to his name during the match today!

However, after losing to Potapova, Savitolina said that she had come to play in the tournament with a special campaign. His first goal is to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He then wants to help Ukraine as much as possible in the war against Russia. Defeating Potapova, Savitolina said: “My mission is to unite our tennis community to stand by Ukraine. Ukraine needs help. Because what is happening there is brutal for the Ukrainians. ”

Savitolina plans to use her identity to garner support for Ukraine. “That’s why I’m here. That is why I am playing for the country. I am doing my best to mobilize as many people as possible to support Ukraine, using my platform, all the power at my disposal. ”

Savitolina had announced before the start of the tournament that she would give all the proceeds from the tournament to her country’s army. “I am not just playing for myself here,” said Svitolina, who went on to play in the tournament as the No. 1 pick, despite the importance of his single victory at the Monterey Open. I am also playing for my country. Playing to help the Ukrainian army and the people of Ukraine. Every one of my victories here is very special. ‘

If Savitolina wants to increase the amount of help, she must try harder to reach the end of the tournament. In the last sixteen, it was confirmed that Savitolina was getting হাজার 3,065. 3 lakh 15 thousand in Bangladeshi rupees.

According to the prize money calculation of the Monterey Open 2022, Savitolina will get 5,600 dollars (about five lakh rupees) if she reaches the quarter finals. If you reach the semi-finals, you will get 6 lakh 7 thousand, if you reach the finals, you will get a little more than 15 lakh rupees.

And if you win the title? Savitolina will get 31 thousand dollars. In Bangladeshi currency it is a little more than 26 lakh rupees.

As many accounts as possible, many people will pray to see the title in the hands of Savitolina!