The war seems to be confined to Ukraine

The war seems to be confined to Ukraine

Netanyahu said he would ensure that the war did not spread across Europe, beyond Ukraine’s borders, and that it was confined to Ukraine.

One of the reasons for the Russia-Ukraine war is Kiev’s interest in joining NATO. They have repeatedly made that request. Even during the war. But European countries, including the United States, have rejected Ukraine’s offer. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. Neto reminded him again today. They have said in the past that they will not fight the war in Ukraine directly. But Netanyahu said he would make sure that the war did not spread across Europe, beyond Ukraine, and that it was confined to Ukraine. Tomorrow maybe the Neto meeting is going to sit. Earlier in the day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave this message.

US President Joe Biden has left Washington for Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to attend the meeting. He will also join the G8 talks after the Neto meeting. Biden also plans to hold talks with Ukraine in the Polish capital, Warsaw. However, he said, do not set foot on the battlefield in Ukraine. Biden has also thwarted speculation that Ukraine should be included in the NATO. But he is also determined to ensure that Russia does not move beyond Ukraine. This is reflected in Stoltenberg’s face at today’s press conference. “We will help Ukraine as much as possible,” he said. But NATO’s responsibility is to see to it that the war does not escalate beyond Ukraine. ”

Before the meeting, there were some hints of the next decision of the Neto alliance. For example, Ukraine will have new armies in neighboring Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. According to Stollenberg, NATO will have twice as many troops in these countries as it currently has. In other words, Neto wants to strengthen the poles in the countries around Ukraine. Neighboring Poland is already a member of Neto. They want to give a strong ‘fence’ in other countries as well.

“Our clear message to Russia is that if there is a nuclear war, it is impossible to win and this war should not be fought,” Stollenberg said.

Yesterday, Russian forces entered Mariupol. This port-city suffered the most damage in the war. For the last three or four weeks, Moscow has been desperate to occupy Mariupol. Ukraine also fell to the ground. Russia has launched a series of air and sea attacks. Their forces were able to enter the city for the first time yesterday. Upon receiving the news, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky sat in the meeting. “There is nothing left,” he said in a video message to Moscow. Just rubble all around. Let at least 100,000 people be rescued from Mariupol. ” Last night’s incident. Several hours have passed since then. The number of casualties is not yet known.

Russia’s show of strength continues today. According to Kiev, it is clear from the Russian attack that the “occupiers” are not interested in Mariupol, they want to destroy the city, burn it to ashes. Attacks are also going on in other parts of the country. Ukraine has claimed that a laboratory at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was destroyed in a Russian attack. The laboratory was used to treat radioactive waste. Apart from that, there were some dangerous substances in that center. Everything is now in the hands of ‘enemies’. Sumi was also completely surrounded by Russian forces. “Our city is almost surrounded by enemies,” said city councilor Andrei Baranov. There is still a way out through Poltova. Women and children are being barricaded along that road. Baranov added that he feared Sumi would not be rescued for long.

This panic is intensifying not only in Ukraine but in the whole of Europe. And maybe not for long, Moscow will occupy the whole country. Neto is also preparing from that fear. Poland is the most feared. The NATO member country, which is close to Ukraine, has continued to help Ukraine by blowing up the Russian threat. Instead, Putin is worried about what he will do. According to many, Russia will not stop occupying Ukraine. In that case Poland almost stood in the face of Russian artillery. It is rumored that the Polish Defense Forces have already begun mass recruitment. Patricia, 26, wants to join the defense. Former Army Chief Powell Kiensky has rejoined the force. The number of such Kiensky is not small. The number of people joining the army has increased seven times. According to Polish army chief Marcin Sidzinski, hundreds of applications are being submitted every day.

This fear is not very unfounded. Poland, a member of NATO, has offered to launch a special operation against Russia with the message of peace in Ukraine. Rejecting that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that “all this is impossible.” This will lead to direct confrontation between Russia and NATO forces. Everyone is trying to avoid this situation. The consequences will not be good. “