The way ‘poison apple’ to ‘love apple’ is tomato

You will hear many people say, ‘Winter is good, because it is the season of tomatoes and cauliflower.’ Red gorgeous tomatoes are now available in all kitchens. Fruits, vegetables, salads, sauces, chutneys — tomatoes can be eaten in many ways. Now the dining table is incomplete without tomatoes! But do you know the funny thing? At one time people were afraid to eat tomatoes, vegetables or fruits were nicknamed ‘poisonous apples’.

By the 800’s, only Aztecs in central Mexico liked to eat tomatoes. And before 1590, no tomatoes were produced in the United Kingdom. But in the early 18th century, the Spaniards, who had invaded various parts of Mexico, began planting tomato seeds in Europe. After that, tomato production in Europe started gradually.

According to researchers, the first commercial production of tomatoes in Europe began in 1519. According to them, in the past, tomatoes were planted only to enhance the beauty of the garden. In the 1800’s, Europe was terrified of tomatoes. The elite thought that eating this fruit would make them sick or they would die.

In fact, they used to put tomatoes in a dish made by Puter. The amount of lead there was high. Since tomatoes have high acidity, mixing with lead would cause poisoning and kill people. But Tomato was considered a ‘criminal’ because he did not know the inside story. Tomatoes were also considered poisonous in North America. It was thought to be a species of Solanaceae, containing a toxic substance called tropane alkaloid.

By the 180’s, such ideas were changing in Europe. Pizza began to gain popularity. Tomatoes continue to grow in popularity with pizza. In Italy it is called ‘Love Apple’ or ‘Love Apple’. Around 1822, various American recipes for tomato dishes began to appear. Rumors of tomato poisoning are slowly diminishing. Tomato cultivation, also known as ‘Love Apple’, began in New York in 1830.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

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