This fan-made Windows 7 concept makes us wish we never left

Key Takeaways

  • A fan-created mockup of Windows 7 combines nostalgic design elements with modern features like Windows 10 and 11.
  • Windows 7 mockup brings back the popular “Windows Experience Index” feature, redesigned and improved.
  • Sadly, the mockup is not available for download.

Windows 12 is just around the corner, but what if Microsoft never went past Windows 7? While the operating system has been out of support for a long time, it doesn’t stop people longing for Windows 7, which some argue was the best operating system Microsoft ever produced. Now, a fan has created a mockup version of Windows 7, and while you can’t download and use it for yourself, it’s still a great look into what could have been.

Windows 7 in the modern day

This mockup was designed by AR 4789 on YouTube. AR 4789 are not strangers to mockups; they have already created a reimagined version of Windows XP, a stylized version of Windows 12, and even what Windows 23 could look like. Their most recent video tackles Windows 7, and their video brings back lots of memories.

The design bridges the gap between how we remembered Windows 7 and the more modern design elements you’ll find in Windows today. For instance, the Settings page has all of the categories on the left and the currently selected option on the right, much like how Windows 10 and 11 do things. However, the mockup also brings the relics of the past into the current day. Remember the “Windows Experience Index” which would rate your PC out of 10 depending on how good the hardware is? Yeah, that’s back, and it looks better than ever.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put this version of Windows 7 on your brand-new PC. As per the description:

⚠️All designs like UI’s, features and others in this concept belongs to me (AR 4789) this is NOT an actual/real OS or software, this is just a concept, so there is no ISO for this OS.⚠️

Still, if Microsoft wants to get into everybody’s good books, it could do a lot worse than giving Windows 7’s die-hard fans what they want.