This is the best place for honeymoon, said Mim

Hurulhi Island in the Maldives. The island is half an hour by sea plane from the main city. The island is surrounded by blue waters, with a resort in the middle. Vidya Sinha Mim, the heroine of Dhaliwood, is spending her honeymoon time with her husband Soni Poddar in that vacation center. On Wednesday evening, he posted some still images of himself in various poses on his Facebook.

Mim was contacted after seeing these pictures. In the first light, Mim said, he has gone to many places in the world for shooting or touring, but he has never been seen in such a beautiful and calm picture. “I think it’s the best place for a honeymoon,” he said. The sea around. An isolated island in the middle of the sea. What clear water! The whole blue sky seems to be submerged in that water. I have never seen such a beautiful place to spend time. We are enjoying the time very much. ‘

Mim said, if there is no work in Dhaka, it is too late to wake up. But sleep is broken here in the morning. Mimdera got up and started walking around. He said, ‘The sound of the sea waves and the call of the birds woke me up in the morning. Swim in the sea for about two-three hours. After breakfast we went out again. I took pictures of two people in a beautiful place. There is something magical about the island. ”

Mims are having a great time on this secluded island. “Every time I go shopping, I go to see a movie,” he said. But there is no such opportunity. There is no work on the island except eating and wandering. The population is also low. In these few days we have not seen any Bengali except us. ‘

This new couple could not handle the greed of such a beautiful place. So to capture the beautiful moments in beautiful places, professional photographers are taking pictures of themselves for hours. “I hired a photographer for three hours today (Wednesday),” Mim said. We changed four dresses and took pictures. I will keep the pictures in the album. We have a candlelight dinner tomorrow. I will also take pictures of him. ‘

Mim and Soni Poddar left Dhaka on Tuesday morning for the honeymoon. They will return to the country on February 19.

On January 4, model and actress Mim tied the knot with banker Soni Poddar at a five-star hotel in the capital. They decided to get married after a six-year love affair.