Three European heads of state are in Kiev with a message of unity

French President Emmanuel Macho, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi have arrived in Kyiv. They arrived in Kiev on Thursday on a special train from Poland. The three heads of state are visiting Ukraine “with a message of unity,” said French President Nicolas Sarkozy. News BBC.

Ukraine is pushing for the status of an official candidate to join the European Union. The country has also requested more weapons to counter Russian forces. In this context, the three heads of state came to visit Kiev.

They are visiting Ukraine for the first time since Russia’s invasion of the country on February 24. The head of state is scheduled to hold talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Emanuel Macho said they were on a visit with a “message of European unity”. “It’s an important moment,” he said. We are sending a message of unity to the Ukrainians.

Makhon said one of the purposes of the visit was to support Ukraine for the present and the future in resisting Russian aggression.

Other Western leaders also visited Kyiv after Russian forces withdrew from an attack on the country’s capital, Kiev.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz was criticized for not sending enough weapons to Ukraine. Andrej Melnik, Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin, said Schultz had long promised to send heavy weapons, but they had not yet been delivered.

But Schultz rejected the criticism, saying Germany was one of Ukraine’s largest military and financial backers.