Tim Anderson got the longest suspension for getting knocked out vs. Guardians

Things just keep getting worse for Tim Anderson.

If you have not seen it by now, the Chicago White Sox shortstop had a rough night on Saturday. After Anderson applied a tag on Jose Ramirez after the Cleveland Guardians infielder slid into second base with a double, the two immediately began jawing, before Anderson shifted into full-on fight mode.

It did not end well for him, as he whiffed on a pair of punches before getting dusted by a wayward right hand from Ramirez. Anderson had to be helped to his feet and needed assistance getting off the field, as the melee continued around him.

He broke his silence on Monday, sending out a series of tweets that might serve as a dictionary example of “tweeting through it.” Here is just an example:

See, the main goal of Twitter is this: Never become the main character. Anderson has now been the main character on the social media app for two out of the past three days, and that is likely to continue.

Why? Because MLB just handed down a series of suspensions for the fracas, and it seems Anderson caught yet another right hook to the jaw. While he was not the only player suspended for the fight, he faces the longest of the suspensions, sitting at six games:

So to recap: Anderson started this fight, had it ended for him after missing a pair of punches, had all of Sports Twitter dunking on him throughout the weekend, leading to him waking up and tweeting through it, only to learn he caught the longest suspension of the entire group.

On the bright side, it might be enough for White Sox fans to forget his .244/.285/.292 slash line this season.