Tim Paine: Rohit, Rishabhara is chaotic! Former Aussie captain Penn has been charged with aggravated assault

Penn has raised questions about Rohit eating at a Melbourne restaurant in violation of the Corona Rules. He claimed that for Rohit, there was concern in their family.

Rohit Sharma, allegation of breach of discipline against Rishabh Panth. The complainant is former Australia captain Tim Penn.

Penn spoke of the Indian team’s tour of Australia last year. He alleged that four or five members of the Indian team did not follow Corona’s biological zone. As a result, the entire series became extremely risky. Penn has also lodged complaints against Shubhaman Gill, Prithvi Shaw and Navdeep Saini.

A documentary has been made about that India-Australia Test series. Pen opened his mouth there. What ‘crime’ did Rohit commit? They went to eat at a restaurant in Melbourne. India won the Melbourne Test to level the series. Penn alleged that the day after winning the match, the co-captain of the Indian team (Rohit) went to a restaurant with some cricketers without following the rules.

The hue and cry started when the video of Rohit eating in a restaurant came out on the net. However, none of the five cricketers were affected by the corona. “They put the whole series at great risk,” said Penn. No matter what we eat, I find their behavior very selfish. ”According to Penn, many people come to the restaurant to eat. The Rohits should not have gone there to break the biological zone. Both groups had to suffer if the infection spread. “Many of us left our families during the big day,” said the annoyed Penn. Just a few boys will create anxiety in everyone, that’s not right. At that time we had to give up a lot. One team strictly followed all the rules. But another team took the rules lightly. ” Penn also questioned the Indian cricketers’ sense of consideration.

Ajinkya Rahane, the Indian captain of the series, however, dismissed Penn’s allegations. Rahane claims, “None of them went to eat at the restaurant. Went to fetch food. Could not return to hotel due to bad weather. You have to wait for a while inside the restaurant. But that incident was badly covered by the local media. “