Tottenham have become even weaker: Conte

One by one the teams change, the teams increase their strength. But in the case of Tottenham, the team’s coach Antonio Conte thinks the opposite has happened. Tottenham have bought two players in the January squad. But four people left the team. All in all, Conte said in an interview with Sky Sports that the team has become more ‘weaker’ than before because of their own philosophy!

North London club Tottenham have signed Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevsky from Juventus in January. But Kant did not mind this either. Italian coach’s mind is full or what! Dale Ali has signed for Everton from Tottenham without a transfer fee, and has moved to Endombel. Tottenham have also sent Giovanni Lo Celso and Brian Jill to Spanish clubs Villarreal and Valencia on loan.

All in all, Sky Sports asked Conte if he could find any similarities with his first season at Inter Milan. In response to this question, Conte said, “It is always difficult to compare. But do you see anything like that? But it is true that when you take charge of a team that has not won anything for a long time, there will be a lack of confidence. ‘

Conte then added, ‘But I think the situation could have been better. What happened in January (the last change of party) was not an easy task. Four players left in January. All four were key players for Tottenham. And there are two in the team. Even in terms of numbers, you have not made the team stronger, at least on paper. ”

Bentankur and Kulusevsky are, of course, somewhat overwhelmed. He told Sky Sports, ‘Since Tottenham don’t want ready-made players, they want to buy young players to make them; That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

Tottenham are currently eighth in the Premier League points table with 36 points from 22 matches. Can you take the team out of this situation? Conte said a few days ago that it was impossible for Tottenham to finish the league from the top four.

However, in an interview with Sky Sports, Conte said, “If you want to improve fast and be a fast-paced team, it is inevitable to have a lot of experienced players in the team. Because those experienced players will spread their experience throughout the team. But I understand that this is the goal of the club. ‘

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