Trent Bridge’s innings is due to the IPL, said Bairstow

Johnny Bairstow did not bat in Trentbridge. England chased down a 299-run target on the final day of the Test against New Zealand. Bearstore’s big contribution in this incredible victory.

He snatched the match from New Zealand in T20I batting. His 179-run partnership with captain Ben Stokes gave England a great victory. Bairstow played 136 runs from 92 balls.
At one stage of the innings, Bairstow completed his century from 43 off 48 balls with 8 balls. The England batsman said that his IPL experience was at the heart of such an incredible innings in Tests.

The greatness of the IPL is that Bairstow has been able to bat in a T20 style in a Test match that the team needs. However, many advised the English star not to play in the IPL, ‘Many said, I should not play in the IPL. I should play county cricket instead of IPL. If I could play four four-day matches before the Test series, that would be good. But the current schedule of cricket in which it may not be possible.

This time Bairstow played for Punjab Kings in IPL
This time Bairstow played for Punjab Kings in IPLPhoto: Instagram
Bairstow has played for Punjab Kings in this year’s IPL. He also played some important innings for the team. Instead of playing county for Yorkshire, he went to play in the IPL. The IPL ended shortly before the start of the Test series against New Zealand, so he did not get a chance to play in the county.

Bairstow himself, however, thinks it is not a good decision to stay away from domestic first-class cricket before the crucial Test series.

However, Bairstow would like to thank the IPL: “It was a decision I made then. It doesn’t matter. However, since the IPL has to play against the best cricketers in the world, it also has a lot of good aspects. I got a kind of rhythm in IPL. That rhythm will tell you – when to play, when to play. We are lucky to have played some of the most competitive games in the IPL against the best cricketers in the world. Got the logistics to play well in stressful moments. That’s why I’ve played like this for the last few days. ‘