‘We were married on Valentine’s day’

Mir Sabbir and Farzana Chumki got married on Valentine’s Day in 2003. Chumki caught the actor’s attention at a programme. When Sabbir finally proposed to her, they were in a loving relationship.

They welcomed their first child on November 12, 2006, which they regard as one of the happiest days in their lives.
“If human beings could treat each other with more love and kindness, the world would be a better place,” says Mir Sabbir. “Obviously, this day is special to us, and we take time off to appreciate each other.

Sabbir loves Chumki’s straightforwardness, while Chumki admires his acting and friendly nature.
They have shared the screen and stage multiple times, including productions like Arun Chowdhury’s “Brishtir Pore” and the TV serial “Poribar o Ekti Company”. They have also worked together in “Bou+Boi” and “Mohonpurer Golpo”.

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