Joe Biden

Women’s health and lives threatened in US: Biden

President Joe Biden has strongly condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to strip women of their constitutional right to abortion.

On Friday, she said women have the power to determine their own destiny. Row law is gone, it’s very clear. The health and lives of women in this country are now under threat. News Anadolu.

The president said the decision took the United States 150 years back. This is a sad day for our country. But that doesn’t mean the fight is over.

The Supreme Court has stripped women of their constitutional right to abortion by overturning the 50-year-old Row vs. Wade Act.

Former President Barack Obama, the private sector and Amnesty International have already reacted negatively to the Supreme Court’s decision. And many people have taken position in front of the Supreme Court in protest.

Biden, meanwhile, called for the protests to be peaceful.

He said violence was by no means desirable. Threats and intimidation can never be language. We must stand up against any kind of violence.

Biden called on Congress to restore women’s right to abortion as a federal law.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday, abortion bans were set in half of the US states. Each state will now be able to take steps to ban abortion on its own.