Zayed Khan is the general secretary of Shilpi Samiti

The High Court has declared invalid the decision of the Appellate Board by rejecting the candidature of film actor Zayed Khan and declaring Nipun Akhter as the general secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. A High Court bench comprising Justice Mamnoon Rahman and Justice Khandaker Diliruzzaman passed the order on Wednesday on the final hearing of the writ petition filed by Zaid to get back the post of General Secretary.

As a result, the decision of the commission to appoint Zayed Khan as the general secretary was upheld.

Zayed Khan’s lawyer Ahsanul Karim told Prothom Alo that Zayed Khan was declared the winner of the post of general secretary in the election of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. The decision of the High Court verdict remained in force. The decision of the Appellate Board declaring Nipun as General Secretary has been declared invalid. As a result, Zayed Khan will continue to be the General Secretary.

Meanwhile, Nipun Akter’s lawyer Mostafizur Rahman Khan said that an appeal would be lodged against the verdict.

The election of Shilpi Samiti was held on January 26. Preliminary results the next day declared Zayed Khan as the General Secretary. Nipun later lodged a written complaint with the Electoral Appeal Board.

The Appellate Board sends a letter to the Department of Social Services. In this regard, the Department of Social Services said in a letter on February 2 that the Appellate Board will take a decision in this regard. On February 5, the Appellate Board rejected Zayed Khan’s candidature and declared Nipun General Secretary of the Film Artists Association.

In this situation, Zayed Khan filed a writ petition in the High Court against the letter of the Department of Social Services dated February 2 and the decision of the Board of Appeal dated February 5. The High Court ruled on February 8 with a preliminary hearing.

The rule seeks to know why the letter of February 2 and the decision of the Board of Appeal on February 5 should not be declared out of legal authority. The court ruled that this rule was appropriate. The verdict was announced today.

Senior lawyer Ahsanul Karim appeared for Zayed Khan. Lawyers Nahid Sultana and Mujibul Haque Bhuiyan were also present.

On the other hand, senior lawyer Rokon Uddin Mahmud appeared for Nipun. Lawyers Mostafizur Rahman Khan and Harun-ur-Rashid were also present.


An earlier order of the High Court on February 8 had stayed the validity of the letter dated February 2. Besides, on the basis of the letter and decision dated February 2 and 5, Zayed Khan was instructed not to create any obstacle in the discharge of his duties as General Secretary. The High Court fixed February 15 for hearing of the rule. Following this, the hearing on the rule started on 23 February. The court pronounced its verdict after the third day’s rule hearing.

On the other hand, Nipun appealed against the order of the High Court. The hearing was held in the chamber court. The chamber court ordered a hearing on February 9. The Chamber stayed the High Court order of the judge and sent Nipun’s application to the regular bench of the Appellate Division for hearing. At the same time, the two parties (Nipun and Zayed) were instructed to maintain the status quo while performing the duties of the general secretary of the artist association. A regular bench of the Appellate Division on February 14 disposed of Nipun’s application, noting that the chamber judge’s order would continue. After that the High Court rule was heard. The court gave its verdict today.

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